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Drug Pricing Bill Would Study High Costs

By Jill Sheridan, IPB News | Published on in Business, Government, Health, Statewide News

The high cost of certain medicines would be studied under a bill proposed at the Indiana Statehouse.

Advocates for affordable insulin have called on lawmakers in the past to address drug pricing issues. This year an online petition was signed by more than 800 people.

Rep. Robin Shackleford (D-Indianapolis) says she authored a proposal to study why the price for drugs, like insulin, continues to increase.

“Whether it’s coming from the manufacturers, the distributors, from pharmacy benefit managers, I think everyone wants to know where that price elevation is coming from,” Shackleford says.

Those who testified in support of the bill say high costs often lead to people rationing or skipping their medication.

Dr. Allison Case says high costs impact everyone.

“Patients end up sharing medications, end up rationing medications, and this ends up being a cost that is passed onto the tax payer because these patients end up in the hospital with worsening disease and even death,” says Case.

An Eli Lilly representative also spoke in support of a comprehensive study.  The House Public Health Committee passed the bill, moving it to the full House.