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  • State Rep. Mahan Resigns To Move

    Published on in Government, Local News, Politics

    A state representative from Blackford County says he’s resigning from his seat this summer, as a job change will move him out of the district he represents. Kevin Mahan (R-Harford City) says he’s taken a job with Community Health Network and moving outside District 31. In a statement, Mahan says he hadn’t planned to resign, […]

  • Workforce Cabinet Announces New Grant

    Published on in Education, Government, Statewide News

    The Indiana Governor’s Workforce Cabinet announced a new workforce grant Wednesday afternoon intended to help local workforce development efforts. The Local Career Coaching Grant is aimed at better informing K-12 students and adults about a variety of high-demand jobs and the certifications needed to get them. It encourages applicants to achieve this by collaborating with […]

  • Indiana Health Goals Fall Short In Economic Report

    Published on in Health

    Indiana has made strides in a plan to improve the state’s economic outlook but a number of health measures could be holding back progress. The Indiana Vision 2025 plan was released seven years ago and sets goals for the state’s long-term economic development – including measures of health. Since its release, Indiana’s smoking rate has […]

  • Play Explores Health Inequity For African American Women

    Published on in Family Issues, Health

    African American women in Indiana face disparity in healthcare and health outcomes. They are more likely to die during or after childbirth than white women. They have higher rates of breast cancer deaths and diabetes. New research uses theater to shine a spotlight on some of the possible reasons why. The play is called “One […]

  • State Makes Progress Helping Support Those With Disabilities

    Published on in Government, Health, Statewide News

    Indiana has made progress on a large majority of recommendations to better support the roughly 100,000 Hoosiers with intellectual and developmental disabilities. That was the assessment at Thursday’s meeting of a task force charged with monitoring the state’s progress. The intellectual and developmental disabilities task force last year created 34 recommendations for the state. And […]

  • S03 E19 – John Steuart Curry – John Brown – 1939

    Published on

    This print conveys the urgency of the anti-slavery movement in the years leading up to the Civil War.

  • Report: Indiana Makes Progress On Opioids, Decreasing Prescriptions

    Published on in Community, Family Issues, Health

    A new report highlights moves Indiana has made to address the opioid epidemic. A reduction of opioid prescriptions tops the list. Indiana providers decreased prescriptions by 35 percent over the past five years according to the American Medical Association Opioid Task Force 2019 Progress Report. Indiana Hospital Association President Brian Tabor says improved access to […]

  • Ball State Names Architecture College After Former Trustee

    Published on in Education, Local News

    Ball State University is naming its College of Architecture and Planning after an alumnus and former trustee that died in a plane crash last year. R. Wayne Estopinal graduated from Ball State in 1979. He was CEO of TEG Architects in Jeffersonville, a company he founded in 1989, when he died in a small jet […]

  • Activist Group Releases More Undercover Video Showing Animal Abuse At Fair Oaks Farms

    Published on in Agriculture, Crime, Law

    This is the second video released by the group in recent weeks. They show animal abuse and neglect at two different Fair Oaks locations in Indiana, captured by undercover workers.

  • Ball State Increases Tuition, Adds Online Course Fee

    Published on in Education, Local News

    Ball State University is raising its tuition by a smaller amount than it suggested it might last week.  But, as IPR’s Stephanie Wiechmann reports, a new fee for online classes could raise that cost significantly for some students. Ball State University officials proposed a 1.64 percent tuition increase at a public hearing last week, which […]

  • Police Training Exercises Thursday and Friday North of BSU Campus

    Published on in Community, Government, Law, Local News

    Ball State University’s Police Department will be conducting training exercises tomorrow (Thursday, June 13) from 8 a.m. until noon and 4 p.m. until 8 p.m., and again on Friday (June 14) from 8 a.m. until noon.  Training locations will include the Oakwood Building on Oakwood Avenue and Northside Middle School on Bethel Avenue. Both locations […]

  • ‘Milkman Model’ Economy Could Create Jobs In Indiana

    Published on in Economy, Statewide News

    This year’s Indiana Recycling Coalition Conference focused less on recycling and more on the other two R’s — reduce and reuse. China’s refusal to take the United States’ low-grade recycling is forcing some communities to think about a more holistic approach. Keynote speaker Ken Miller is a consultant who worked in the chemical and plastic […]

  • Muncie Schools Emergency Management Team Leaves After Two Years In Charge

    Published on in Education, Government, Local News

    Next month, there will be no school “emergency manager” in Muncie for the first time in two years.  After two legislative bills regulating the future of Muncie Community Schools, an emergency management team that spent time “righting” the district’s financial issues is leaving when its contract is up.  It’s putting the district in the hands […]

  • Three Workers Charged In Animal Abuse At Fair Oaks Farms

    Published on in Agriculture, Business, Statewide News

    Three former employees of Indiana’s Fair Oaks Farms are now facing criminal charges connected to undercover videos shot at the dairy that shows animal cruelty. Last week, Animal Recovery Mission (ARM) released a video captured by an investigator with the activist organization. It showed calves being physically harmed. The group also says the video shows […]

  • State Revenues In Strong Position As Fiscal Year’s End Approaches

    Published on in Economy, Government

    Indiana tax revenues are well positioned to finish the fiscal year strong after the state brought in more money than expected in May. Indiana’s largest revenue sources all outperformed expectations in May.  That includes sales taxes, which upended a streak of poor collections that stretched back to January. And total state revenues are well ahead […]

  • How Foreign-Born Doctors Help Refugees, Other Immigrants

    Published on in Government, Health

    Deepa Halaharvi is a morning person. “Eat, read, pray, and get ready to go to work,” she says, laughing. “And usually I’m out the door around 6:15 or 6:30.” Waking up early was a habit she started in medical school – she was a wife, a mother of two young kids, and the caretaker for […]

  • Pockets Of Hoosier National Forest Cut Down For Wildlife Habitat

    Published on in Environment, Government, Statewide News

    Officials with the Hoosier National Forest are drawing attention to an effort to preserve “forest openings.” These are pockets in the forest where older trees have been cut down to make way for younger trees, shrubs and grasses. Hoosier National Forest Wildlife Technician Brian King says before humans started changing the landscape, these openings were […]

  • National Study On Growing Cities Highlights South Bend

    Published on in Business, Community, Economy, Local News

      A recent Brookings Institute study on growing cities across the nation highlighted South Bend, Indiana, alongside Nashville, St. Louis, and Boise, Idaho. The study concluded that successful cities have a highly-skilled workforce for existing local industries while also attracting and growing many different types of companies with complex jobs. Marcela Escobari is a senior […]

  • Evansville Transgender Student Wins Court Fight

    Published on in Education, Law, Statewide News

    The Evansville school district violated a transgender student’s rights by restricting access to the bathroom of the student’s identified gender, according to a new court ruling. An Evansville student, who was born female, has identified as male since he was 11 years old. And when, in high school, he wanted to use the boys’ restroom, […]

  • Genetically Modified Salmon Eggs Arrive In Indiana

    Published on in Agriculture, Business, Local News

    Indiana’s first batch of genetically modified salmon eggs arrived last week – first genetically modified animal to be sold in the U.S. for human consumption. The company expects the fish will hit the market next year. The biotech company AquaBounty’s import ban was lifted in March, almost two years after it acquired the farming facility […]