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About The Scene


The Scene is a weekly public radio show produced in Indiana that features music in performance from around the great Hoosier state. Each week, we bring listeners an hour of live music performed in local venues catered by a team of human beings who simply love music.

Our goal is to promote the Indiana music scene by focusing on the music itself. We want to tell the story of the music happening in our own backyards, to be a spark of conversation between fellow music-lovers, and to give listeners a bit of context about new and upcoming artists, sometimes through interviews with the musicians themselves.

The Scene is produced at Indiana Public Radio in collaboration with Ball State’s Music & Media Production department and is made possible in part by listeners (just like you!) and the Vice President for Information Technology at Ball State.

How To Listen To The Scene

You can hear the show:

  • On-air:
    • Saturday Nights at 10pm on IPR:
      • Muncie: 92.1 FM WBST
      • Anderson: 89.5 FM WBSB
      • Marion: 90.9 FM WBSW
      • New Castle: 91.1 FM WBSH
    • Sunday Nights at 8pm on WCRD:
      • Muncie: 91.3 FM WWHI
  • Online:

Plus, check out The Scene’s YouTube channel for additional video and occasional promotional content too!

What To Expect…

…For Artists

If your band would like to be featured on The Scene, simply reach out to us via our contact form and let us know when and where you’re playing in the area. We even do free in-studio recordings if you’re interested in that. Our process is pretty straightforward:

  • We’ll have you sign a simple limited sound recording and distribution agreement allowing us to record your performance, make the show around it, and market the show.
  • We’ll ask if you’re interested in doing a taped interview talking about what you do.
  • If requested, we’ll provide raw audio of the show, which you can use for educational purposes.
  • If requested, we’ll send you mixes before we start production for you to quality-check.
  • If you are featured on the show, we’ll point our audience to where they can find more information about you.

We can’t guarantee we’ll feature everyone we record.

…For Venues

If your music venue is interested in allowing us to record performances free of charge, please reach out to us via our contact form. For every artist featured on the show, we make sure to point our audience to where they can find more information about the venue hosting the artist. Here’s what the recording process looks like for venues:

  • We’ll be in touch regarding your event details, such as call times, passes, house rules, etc. as well as anything else you need us to know.
  • We’ll work with your sound team to be as efficient and unobtrusive as possible at the event. Our on-location team typically consists of two experienced engineers. We typically use one of three strategies:
    • A. Capture channels from your digital board via our laptop or hard drive.
    • B. Split analog stage signals via our professional mobile 24-track rig.
    • C. Place our microphones and lines on-stage as needed (and as allowed) to capture sources not already reinforced by your system.

Please note, we do not provide live sound reinforcement services.