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The Facing Project

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An atomic explosion transfixed over a sunset in the Dominican Republic.

S01 E09 – Life After the Bomb


J.R. and Kelsey explore what happens when life changes in an instant.


  1. When the Bomb Went Off: A woman forced from her home as a child by nuclear testing in the Bikini Islands reflects on the aftermath of that fateful day.
    Mary’s story as told to Anna Kelley from “Facing Diversity—Marshallese Stories, a Facing Project in Dubuque, Iowa.” Performed by Debby Girtman
  2. The Worst and Best Days of My Life: A man whose life changed shortly after he tucked his kids in for the night finds peace through the darkest hours.
    Brad Daugherty’s story as told to Ruthie Shellabarger from “A Midsummer Night’s Narrative: Stories of Unity in Delaware County, Indiana. A Facing Project Storytelling Festival.” Performed by Bill Inman.

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