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The Facing Project

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Photo by Jan Smith

S02 E06 – Faith, Identity, and Life-Changing Chance Encounters


In the span of a life, you’ll interact with thousands of people but only a handful of those will impact you in such a way that changes your perspectives and ideologies forever.

On this episode, a young chaplain from a conservative, anti-LGBTQ background provides spiritual care to a dying woman whose wife sits at her bedside.

We also sit down with the storyteller to learn where he is now.

Join J.R. and Kelsey as they discuss Faith, Identity, and Life-Changing Chance Encounters.


  • 20 Minutes Changed My Life
    Will Grinstead’s story as told to Tom Steiner from Facing LGBTQ+ Pride in Muncie, Indiana.
    Performed by Jay Moorman. 

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Original air date: Feb. 29, 2020

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